Matt & Nancy: Bainbridge Island Beauty

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Two of the most beautiful  people (inside and out) that I have ever met fell in love, decided to get married, and called me….. And I am soooo grateful! Though they met on the east coast, Nancy was a Seattle girl who spent every summer on Bainbridge Island with the same friends and families throughout her childhood and in to adulthood. It wasn’t long before Matt was inducted in to that same community as an honorary family member, and it was inevitable that they would one day make that title official. They were married on the edge of Puget Sound beneath the hill where the family home had stood for generations. Only a few months before the wedding, the century-old homestead burned to the ground in a tragic fire, and from the ashes, the tightly-knit neighborhood raised a breathtaking and poignant community-wide celebration of the couple and new beginnings. The event was a perfect marriage of old and new, friends and family, romance and fun, fire-pits and fireworks, and the most epic dance party I’ve ever witnessed (200 + people, ages 9 to 90, all crammed on a dance-floor from sundown to midnight!)

I felt so honored to be brought in to such a loving event along with a stellar team including the likes of Sergio Mottola PhotographyMelanie Benson FloralBlackbird BakeryRavishing Radish CateringThe TallboysAustin Beaver, and A Kurant Event.

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