Megan Keller

Megan Keller

Owner, Event Designer, Night Janitor

With a background in events of all shapes and sizes, Megan is proud to call A Kurant Event her own as she adds inspiration, style, and a splash of whimsy to the event planning world. Creating a smashing soiree for six or a bash for a billion (ok, maybe thousands), Megan is always looking for new and inspiring ways to help you celebrate whatever deserves celebrating. In addition to weddings and parties, she’s thrown in with the likes of Xbox, Windows Phone, and Facebook as well as many other cool local companies to help them all plan events worth remembering. Helping you take the stress out of planning while adding your own stylistic touches is why she does what she does – and she loves it!

Her Weakness:

cheese, cheese and wine, cheese and beer, fried cheese curds, and Law and Order SVU

Her Favorite Song:

Guns N’ Roses “Sweet Child Of Mine”

A Quirky Truth About Her:

I don’t know my right from left… never have

She Plans Events for a Living Because:

Everyone needs a good excuse for a great party, and they need an even better excuse to enjoy themselves. That’s where I come in!

In Another Life, She’d Be:

A Food Critic… Or A Cheesemaker

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