Cat & John: Love Fiesta at The Corson Building

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I met Cat and John and immediately fell in love with their personal style and the way the interacted with one another:  with super-dry humor, easy compromise, and lots of love. They had a wonderful concept of integrating John’s Santa Barbara roots and Cat’s love of awesome food into an intimate Pacific Northwest soiree for their closest friends and family. The Corson Building was a beautiful place to celebrate just such an event! Amidst the grit and grunge of Georgetown, the train whistles and the breweries, is a secret garden oasis that boasts some of the best local fare you’re going to savor in Seattle. Amidst their many personal touches (John, a graphic designer, created all of their awesome printed materials… they baked a homemade Chocolate Banana Cake from scratch… they brought a bunch of Fiesta Eggs from down in SB all the way to the Emerald City… and, they lovingly incorporated hand-written sentiments on each place-card) guests were regaled with lovely food and drink and amazing company all evening.


Many thanks to the awesome pros for their contribution to this lovely evening:  Christopher FlowersKristen Marie PhotographyThe Corson BuildingMolly Moon’s Ice CreamHarold Belskus on Guitar and a real live Mariachi band (plus A Kurant Event)! This was one Pacific Northwest Fiesta to remember.


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