F.O.B. Toast – What to say after you give her away

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Joey Nicole captured this intimate moment as father walks daughter down the aisle…

As if this role wasn’t hard enough on a man with the emotional breakdowns of daughters and mothers and the agreement that sometimes writing the checks doesn’t give you the right to input, at the end of the day he has to walk his little girl down the aisle! And then comes the toast…

It can be a daunting task, emotional and painstaking in preparation. While I can’t advise on how to reign in the women of the house when it comes to their adamant request to have doves released at the ceremony or 12 foot floral elephants at the reception, I CAN give you fathers out there a leg-up on your speech writing. How much can you dote on your daughter? What are you expected to say about the Groom? Read on, readers.

I’ll break it down outline style:

  • Welcoming and thanking guests {15-20%}
  • Praise the new couple (usually commenting on how happy they make each other, how well they work together, the positive things about them marrying, etc.) {25%}
  • This leads in to welcoming the Groom’s  family in to yours {5%}
  • The majority of the rest of the speech may be about the Bride (anecdotes, love, well-wishes, advice, praise, etc.) {approx 45-50%}
  • Finally, raise your glass to the couple!  {5%}

It’s a start 🙂

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