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(Thanks Jenny Jimenez, gorgeous photo – gorgeous couple!)

Our philosophy at A Kurant Event is to help you create a wedding that is truly unique to you as a couple. That can be zany, whimsical, rock n’ roll, or just plain sweet… but the trick is to figure out who you are as a couple!

After our initial complimentary consultation, we often send out this questionnaire to get a better feel for who YOU are and what YOU like… take a peek, it may help kick-start the brainstorming process for coming up with a blueprint for your own wedding:

Favorite TV (or movie) character?


Favorite food?


Guilty pleasure/biggest weakness?


Three items you’d have to have on a deserted island:


Dog or cat person?


Favorite love song?


Favorite non-love song?


Silly habit you make fun of your partner for?


Colors you might like for your wedding?


Colors you would hate to see at a wedding?


Three adjectives that describe your personal style best?


Beatles or Rollings Stones?


The Office or GLEE?


Hulu or Cable?


What’s at the top of your Netflix account?

What’s a typical Saturday night together at home?

What’s a typical Saturday night together if you’re going out?

Favorite couple’s activity?

Favorite vacation together?

What traditions do you want to include (if any at all) in your reception (toasts, first dance, bouquet toss, grand exit, etc.)?

What do you want your guests to remember most about your wedding?

What three adjectives would describe your perfect wedding?


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  1. Benjon Palisoc

    very cool approach guys! very similar to ours, we want to really get to know the couple so that we can tell a unique and meaningful story about them. it really helps us get comfortable with each other too. some of our favorite questions are, “who gets the remote control?” or “who’s most likely to stand in-line for the next apple product”. these open-ended questions help us delve into what a couple is really like 🙂


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