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Laurel McConnell’s photobooth, complete with props, is always a hit!

The ever popular photobooth at weddings has expanded from the traditional black-and-white booth you can rent to the digital scene and beyond. If you’re looking for a great way to keep guests entertained or want a non-traditional approach to your guest book, a photobooth (in any form) is a great way to do that! There are several options when considering a photobooth, and the perfect place to start might be with your photographer.

Digital “self-click” booth: Many photographers these days offer an option of adding a digital self-click “photobooth” on to your wedding photography package. This usually consists of a backdrop (plain or colorful), a light set-up, and often props for guests to use. The pros when considering this style of photobooth include allowing guests to click away with unlimited poses and multiple people in group shots (more than can squeeze in to the traditional booth). Guests may also get to see their photos in an online gallery that is posted by the photographer a day or two after the wedding, offering a great way to relive the evening one photo at a time! If you’re interested in using this style of photobooth as a substitute for a guest book, include a chalkboard or whiteboard that guests can hold up with their well-wishes and it will be included in the online gallery as well.

Traditional photobooth: Though we’ve all seen them and most likely posed inside for the 4-snap photo-strip, a traditional photobooth never looses its charm. Guests can’t help but line up to get behind the tiny curtain and do a quick few poses and then anxiously await the result. This option obviously offers instant results, rather than waiting for the online gallery, but squeezing more than 2 or 3 people in a shot can be hard, and the printing time can take up to 3 minutes. The good news, the photos are a perfect visual token to leave behind for a guestbook, and the timeless strips will always be fun to revisit as your marriage carries on. This is also a great way to offer take-away favors to your guests as well. Two birds with one stone.

Video photobooth: There are a few different options under this category, but most popularly this booth offers a manned digital camera taking photos of guests (large groups and props always welcome) while at the same time streaming the shots to a big flat screen TV or projector. This gives guests the chance to laugh and gawk at other photobooth goers, often inspiring guests to go again and again. An online gallery post-wedding is most common, but often you can ask the provider if he offers instant digital prints as well to add to a guestbook or as take-home treats.

Flip-book: My FAVORITE take on the photobooth, by far, is flip-book photography! Set-up very similar to the other digital booth options, a camera manned by a photographer will take about 40 photos in 5-7 seconds, creating a short movie-like effect. The photos are then printed on the spot and put in to a small booklet as a fantastic takeaway – and ta-da, your guests have their very own flip-book animation of themselves having a blast at your wedding. Flipped Out Productions is a fantastic duo to check out if you’re in the Seattle area!

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  1. Jeff Evans

    I’ll second your opinion: Josh and “Flipped Out Productions” do an awesome job! It’s one of those fun souvenirs that people will keep and SHOW to their friends. I still have mine sitting in my office because it’s different and cool.

    And I like the other photobooth options, too. People love doing goofy things with their friends for the camera.


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