Shindig Events presents……CINEFRESCO!

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So, being an event planner, I am always on the prowl for new and amazing things to recommend to clients whether it be a great new restaurant for a rehearsal dinner, a fabulous quirky performer for corporate gig, or just a neat little local favor to throw in a gift bag. Let me tell you, I have another little gem up my sleeve that I can’t wait to sing about: Cinefresco by Shindig Events. Conceptualized by Shindig’s owner (and one of my favorite ladies in the biz), Kelli Bielema, the idea is so simple it’s gold: take cinema, and make it alfresco – “cinefresco”. Who doesn’t love going to outdoor movies in the summertime, spending time with family or friends, going to town on the popcorn, and tossing back a few beers? Well NOW that experience comes straight to you! That’s right, Cinefresco packs it all in to your backyard: giant movie screen, projector, great outdoor speaker system, and even a lovely lady or two to man the projection and the concession stand (that’s right, you can totally add a concession stand to you your own backyard movie party)! Host a block party and nobody has to worry about driving home tipsy; host a slumber party and you don’t have to worry about toting the kids around town looking for parking; host a girls/guys night in and you get to re-live your favorite moments of those eternal classic like Dirty Dancing or Fast Times at Ridgemont High! No back yard and no sunshine on the horizon? No problem: Cinefresco can fit indoors in a space as small as your living room and bring the big-screen indoors.

I was invited to the Cinefresco‘s Launch Party at Melrose Market Studios last week to check out the scene in action (a perfect example of how rad the whole setup can be indoors). It was a red carpet, one-night-only event that took the excitement of a big blockbuster premier stirred in with the nostalgic feeling an outdoor movie and made it a party! All the supporting roles were there: wonderful Wyatt Ink created awesome templates for invites to be used with the Cinefresco packages, local Hillards Beer provided the delicious and mandatory “beers in cans” (while some folks drank their wine in mason jars!), Seattle Popcorn Company stuffed us with their “better than the movies” popcorn, and Miss Barbie Hull‘s ubiquitous photobooth kept guests smiling all night long! By the end of the night, those of us left, took to lounging on the “lawn” and watching Pretty in Pink snuggled with blankets and folding chairs. SUPER FUN night!


To me it just seems like a no-brainer and I can’t wait to host my own movie party (Mine’s going to be on a rooftop! Truffle popcorn anyone?)!


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