Tools of the Trade: The Wedding Emergency Kit

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One of the most important tools a wedding planner has in her arsenal to avoid any speed bumps on the day of your wedding is the famed Emergency Kit. Because we like you, we’d like to spill the beans on what “save-the-day” odds and ends we keep in ours. Here they are, in no particular order, The Soup to Nuts Wedding Day Emergency Kit Checklist:

Mini-first aid kit including aspirin, antacids, Gas-X, Midol, and decongestants (no aching, bloating, farting, or sniffling through your ceremony). Also don’t forget Band-aids, New Skin, and alcohol swabs!

Breath mints

Fashion tape (that wonderful, clear, doublesided bra strap tape)

Baby wipes


Blow dryer, brush, comb, and hairspray

Extra pairs of black sox (save your Best Man the embarrassment of Nike tube socks peeking out between dress shoes and tux cuffs)

Clear nail polish (great for stopping runs in stockings!)

Nail glue and emery board

Contact lenses, contact case, contact solution, and eye drops (both for non-contact wearers and contact wearers)

Earring backs

Some of every pin (bobby, safety, straight, clothes)

Extra stockings

Scotch tape, push pins, and scissors


Razor with extra blades


White Chalk (it is a life-saver for removing lipstick from white collars or dresses)

Studs, collar stays, cuff-links

Straws (essential for drinking and retaining perfectly lipsticked lips)

Tampons and sanitary napkins (God, please don’t forget those, there are lots of women at weddings!)

Wine-Out (the best invention of the 21st century!)

Mini-sewing kit with at least black and white thread

…and finally….

Copies of all delivery and vendor schedules and important names and numbers (of both the wedding party and the vendors)

WHEW! It may sesm extensive, but in truth these things are all pretty tiny and don’t take up much room. Most wedding planners will bring a similar kit to your wedding. Feel free to find out what goodies they keep in theirs to be sure you’re all covered. If you don’t have a planner, a medium tackle box, large make-up box, or small gym bag should suffice in fitting all the essentials! Trust us, you may not need to even open the Emergency Kit, but on the off chance that you do, you’ll be super happy you had it!

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