Katie & Jeff: Urban Seattelites Celebrate in Chic Style

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I fell in love with Katie and Jeff: two super-cool (CUTE), sports-loving, beer-drinking, fun-having kids that wanted to celebrate their big day in a big Seattle way. Being Seattle University graduates (it’s where they met, of course) and downtown dwellers, they wanted to bring friends and family in to see the awesome urban environment our city has to offer – and where better than St. Ignatius (on the SU Campus, of course) and the mod and clean Pravda on Capitol Hill? Seattle skylines, bold and clean colors, delicious Northwest comfort food and late-night PB&J Uncrustables  (Jeff’s fave), a photo-booth in a freight elevator, and beer drinking celebrations?… YES please!!

Who helped make it beautiful and awesome? Jenn Repp Photography,  Floret FlowersWyatt InkRavishing Radish CateringThe Sound FactorySt. Ignatius, and of course, A Kurant Event!

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Cat & John: Love Fiesta at The Corson Building

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I met Cat and John and immediately fell in love with their personal style and the way the interacted with one another:  with super-dry humor, easy compromise, and lots of love. They had a wonderful concept of integrating John’s Santa Barbara roots and Cat’s love of awesome food into an intimate Pacific Northwest soiree for their closest friends and family. The Corson Building was a beautiful place to celebrate just such an event! Amidst the grit and grunge of Georgetown, the train whistles and the breweries, is a secret garden oasis that boasts some of the best local fare you’re going to savor in Seattle. Amidst their many personal touches (John, a graphic designer, created all of their awesome printed materials… they baked a homemade Chocolate Banana Cake from scratch… they brought a bunch of Fiesta Eggs from down in SB all the way to the Emerald City… and, they lovingly incorporated hand-written sentiments on each place-card) guests were regaled with lovely food and drink and amazing company all evening.


Many thanks to the awesome pros for their contribution to this lovely evening:  Christopher FlowersKristen Marie PhotographyThe Corson BuildingMolly Moon’s Ice CreamHarold Belskus on Guitar and a real live Mariachi band (plus A Kurant Event)! This was one Pacific Northwest Fiesta to remember.


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How to give great…. wedding toasts!

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As a wedding couple, honoring your friends and family by allowing them to honor YOU is an important and long-standing reception tradition. Asking your wedding party, family members, or friends to offer a toast at your wedding is a weighty request, wrought with responsibility and (let’s be honest) a bit of fearfulness for both the “toast-ee” and the “toaster”. We’ve all been to weddings where the Best Man rambles on for 20 minutes about fraternity shenanigans gone by and never once mentions the newlyweds’ recent nuptials…or when the Maid of Honor who can’t stop regaling the crowd with anecdotes of two best friends planning their wedding at age 5 and turns those sweet memories in to a self-centered monologue about the trials of begin a 29 year old spinster as her best friend takes the plunge in to marriage and leaves her behind. It’s uncomfortable for everyone when toasts elicit eye-rolls and yawns rather than happy-tears and smiles. Many of these blundering speeches arise from when toasters are not properly prepared. Fear not! Below, I have provided a fool-proof outline for friends and family toasters alike!


Wedding Party and Friends: 2 to 4 minutes

  • Introduction: Tell everyone who yo are and why you were chosen to be in the wedding OR how you know the person your are toasting. A joke or a short anecdote is appropriate here (:30 to 1 minute)
  • Relate: This is where you might go in to further detail about your relationship with the person (or couple) along with a funny anecdote or kind words about how awesome the person is. Remember, it’s ok to tell a funny or razzing story; however, it is not cool to inappropriately embarrass the newlywed or go on for ages about inside jokes that nobody can relate to. (1 minute to 1:30 minute)
  • Toast to the Couple: Segue in to how you know the other half of the couple (if you have not done so), chat about how well the newlyweds compliment each other, or offer some kind words about how great it is that they finally tied the knot, etc… add any parting words of advise (funny or wise) here, then raise your glass! (1 minute to 1:30 minutes)


Parent of the Bride: 3 to 5 minutes (ok, up to 6, but no more!!)

  • Welcome and thanking guests – this is especially appropriate if you have contributed to the wedding as a host (your money, your house, etc.) (:30 to 1 minute)
  • Introduction: Discuss your son/daughter as you’ve know him/her as a child, as a grown up, and what it means to be here with him/her today. Short anecdotes about childhood or meeting the now-spouse for their first time is appropriate here. (1 minute to 1:30 mins)
  • Relate: Praise the new couple: commenting on how happy they make each other, how well they work as a team, and the positive things about their new marriage, etc. (1 minute)
  • New Beginings:  This is an appropriate time to then welcome the other partner’s family in to yours and express your gratitude towards the new family members (:30)
  • Toast to the Couple: The majority of the remainder of the speech can be geared toward offering any advise or well-wishes you’d like to bestow upon the couple, and conclude with a toast! (:30 to 1 minute)

A Georgetown Ballroom Bash: Emily & John

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I met Emily and John back in 2010 (while they were still in the early stages of planning their July 2011 wedding) for an “a la carte” meeting to help get the gears turning and do some budget planning. Happily, later down the road, they decided to bring in A Kurant Event to help with all the day-of details! We were so thrilled to be a part of their wedding day! The late summer season in Seattle made for iffy weather, but in a great venue like Georgetown Ballroom you’re safe inside or able to wander out to the patio whenever the clouds part! The heartwarming ceremony, officiated by a family friend, had guests chuckling and tearing up at the same time – my favorite kind of ceremony! To reflect their love of travel and good books, their favorite nic-nacs adorned their altar in their own bookcases, little hints of the couples personality were tucked in all the nooks and crannies at the venue as well!

Thanks to the uber-awesome Sergio Mottola for sharing these fun images from their wedding day!

Tacoma – a lovely South-of-Seattle Destination: Bryanna & Brandon

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So, maybe you’re thinking – what!? Tacoma!? But check out these totally cute photos of just-married couple Bryanna and Brandon from the amazing photographer (and south-end dweller) Tasha Owen! The wedding could not have BEEN more intimate and took place inside the gorgeous botanical conservatory in Wright Park. If you’ve never been to Wright Park and you live in the Seattle area – go! It’s gorge and super fun. The neighborhood is great too, as you’ll notice in the super-fun “around town” shots Tasha got of the couple on their way to the ceremony. Okay, done selling Tacoma (but it really is great…). Now take a look at this super cute couple on their wedding day. So glad we could be a part of it!

Shindig Events presents……CINEFRESCO!

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So, being an event planner, I am always on the prowl for new and amazing things to recommend to clients whether it be a great new restaurant for a rehearsal dinner, a fabulous quirky performer for corporate gig, or just a neat little local favor to throw in a gift bag. Let me tell you, I have another little gem up my sleeve that I can’t wait to sing about: Cinefresco by Shindig Events. Conceptualized by Shindig’s owner (and one of my favorite ladies in the biz), Kelli Bielema, the idea is so simple it’s gold: take cinema, and make it alfresco – “cinefresco”. Who doesn’t love going to outdoor movies in the summertime, spending time with family or friends, going to town on the popcorn, and tossing back a few beers? Well NOW that experience comes straight to you! That’s right, Cinefresco packs it all in to your backyard: giant movie screen, projector, great outdoor speaker system, and even a lovely lady or two to man the projection and the concession stand (that’s right, you can totally add a concession stand to you your own backyard movie party)! Host a block party and nobody has to worry about driving home tipsy; host a slumber party and you don’t have to worry about toting the kids around town looking for parking; host a girls/guys night in and you get to re-live your favorite moments of those eternal classic like Dirty Dancing or Fast Times at Ridgemont High! No back yard and no sunshine on the horizon? No problem: Cinefresco can fit indoors in a space as small as your living room and bring the big-screen indoors.

I was invited to the Cinefresco‘s Launch Party at Melrose Market Studios last week to check out the scene in action (a perfect example of how rad the whole setup can be indoors). It was a red carpet, one-night-only event that took the excitement of a big blockbuster premier stirred in with the nostalgic feeling an outdoor movie and made it a party! All the supporting roles were there: wonderful Wyatt Ink created awesome templates for invites to be used with the Cinefresco packages, local Hillards Beer provided the delicious and mandatory “beers in cans” (while some folks drank their wine in mason jars!), Seattle Popcorn Company stuffed us with their “better than the movies” popcorn, and Miss Barbie Hull‘s ubiquitous photobooth kept guests smiling all night long! By the end of the night, those of us left, took to lounging on the “lawn” and watching Pretty in Pink snuggled with blankets and folding chairs. SUPER FUN night!


To me it just seems like a no-brainer and I can’t wait to host my own movie party (Mine’s going to be on a rooftop! Truffle popcorn anyone?)!


Elopements: Eva and Truman Wed in Woodinville

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I must say that planning elopements is one of my favorite special bonus experiences that comes along with being an event planner (in addition to proposal planning and, well, free venue open houses with lots of food and drink of course)! A Kurant Event had a fantastic winter that was seasoned with many beautiful, intimate, and non-traditional planning experiences; Eva and Truman’s elopement ceremony at The Herb Farm was no exception!

Eva contacted me in early December all the way from Germany, dreaming about her Washington wedding while anxiously awaiting her Visa approval. They wanted a celebration that would reflect both their love of wine, the outdoors, and, above all, romance. Skip ahead to the middle of January and we had a date, a location, and our very first in-person meeting in Seattle. As soon as I saw them together, I knew the private two person ceremony between the American-born gentleman and the beautiful German transplant would be a very special one. So special and so intimate, in fact, that aside from the officiant, the only two other state-required witnesses would be the photographer (talented Miss Barbie Hull!) and myself!

So, on a beautifully Northwest winter day, Eva-Maria married the love of her life in the Herb Farm’s charming wine cellar, celebrated their first dance in the parlor, and then dined on 12 courses in the private suite overlooking the immaculate restaurant. A perfect harmony of rustic romance!

The other amazing folks that made it happen? Willows Lodge, Ryann Brady and Angalina Sandoval, and ever amazing Fiore Blossoms

A Whimsical Western Washington Wedding: Ben & Okeyse

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Do you love alliteration as much as I do? Well, I love this couple even MORE! We were soooo excited to work with Ben and Okeyse helping them plan their magical wedding from the ground up (literally). The couple wanted to celebrate in a unique space and in a unique way – with the lovely Steppe Cellars (the couple’s favorite destination tasting room in Sunnyside, Washington) as the backdrop, we were able to create a whimsical wedding for 60 guests. Let me tell you, A Kurant Event worked from sun-up to sun-down the Thursday and Friday before the big day to ready the working farm and rustic tasting room, but that’s not to say the couple and their friends and family didn’t put their share of elbow grease in as well. The bride’s amazing eye for color, style, and design helped her create her own one of a kind invites and programs while the talents of May Wyatt (of Wyatt Ink, of course) rounded out the day with the hand drawn chalkboard signage, menus, and trivia cards for guests to play at dinner. Skillet Street Food (we love them!) came all the way out from Seattle in their iconic airstream to make sure we’d have amazing grub, and Steppe Cellars ensured nobody went without plenty of wine! Thanks to Heathoriginal for the photo-booth props and wooden signpost, and to Garret Grove for the FAB photos. To top off the evening, the bride and all her girlfriends surprised guests with a flash-mob choreographed dance. The day could not have been more magical!

Want to see Style Me Pretty’s post on this totally gorgeous event? Click here!


Legalize it? Washington did!

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No, we’re not talking about pot, we’re talking about marriage equality! A Kurant Event is so pumped, and that’s all we can say…”pumped” and “rad” are our “words of the day” regarding Washington Governor Christine Gregoire’s signature to the bill that will legalize same-sex marriage in Washington state.

What are we gonna do about it? Besides saying “woohoo” and high-five-ing a bunch, we’re going to rejoice by offering a 25% discount to same-sex couples that want to celebrate their vows in 2012! The discount will be applied to any full-service planning package booked before December 31st, 2012 and taking place prior to June 7th, 2013. (Woohoo!)

Um, but…We know that the new law doesn’t officially take effect until June 7th, 2012, and we also know that there is movement out there to halt the progress pending a separate November vote – well, here’s where we stand: if you’re looking to celebrate love in any capacity, we’re in! Our discount may be applied to planning commitment ceremonies, weddings, anniversaries, engagement parties, and pretty much any other special event you can create surrounding love and partnership.

More News: http://abcnews.go.com/US/OTUS/wireStory/washington-state-governor-signs-gay-marriage-bill-law-15575929#.Tzl5NFzOUg4